Saturday, February 16, 2008

Jonathan & Lindsay Lohan.....I Don't Think So!!

"Lindsay Lohan has struck again, and this time her target was recently rehabbed actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers. According to witnesses at Villa in West Hollywood on February 2, Lindsay 21 and Jonathan were getting cosy in a corner of the hotspot just after midnight. The duo were seen partying and were overheard making plans to meet up later at Lindsay's house, although his rep denies they hooked up"

“Lindsay made a beeline for Jonathan, and before long they were making out,” an eyewitness reveals. “They didn’t seem to be hiding it.”

[From In Touch, print edition, February 18, 2008]

It's amazing what beer goggles can do for you!!

But going on the way Jonathan looked when he left the Villa, there is no way that he met up with Lindsay afterwards. You are lucky that he could find his way home!!

Maybe that was a blessing in discuise!!


Anonymous said...

What kind of a JRM fan blog posts tabloid trash like this? It's all BS. I'm not coming back here again.

Empress of Venus said...

I'm with ya, I hope he didn't catch anything from her.