Friday, April 18, 2008

Jonathan Is Well-Endowed!!

As the history books state King Henry VIII, King Of England, became extremely fond of large codpieces ( a decorative covers for a man's bits and pieces) But obviously Jonathan really didn't need one to show off his masculinity!

I never wore a codpiece, love. Henry was famous for wearing extravagant metal ones. We really didn't go that route. It could very easily have turned into 'Ye Olde Spinal Tap.

I can most definitely say the Jonathan Rhys Meyers has made
history sexy. According to the pictures that have been painted of
Henry VIII, he was a very fat, ugly man with ginger hair unlike Jonathan who is sexy with brown hair and the most gorgeous blue eyes that would melt you.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Jonathan denies being married

THE Tudors hunk Jonathan Rhys Meyers insists he’s not married – despite wearing a band on his wedding ring finger.
The actor, who plays six-times wed Henry VIII in the historical series, was seen wearing the ring at the premiere of the show’s second season in New York.
But although he admits girlfriend Reena Hammer gave him the band, he insists he hasn’t walked down the aisle yet."It's an eternity ring. It's got a little message to me, a secret message,” he said."It's just something that two people in a relationship give to each other.

Everybody keeps asking me if I'm married ... It's nice to keep them guessing!"

I know this news story is a few weeks old now, but personally I hope Jonathan and Reena are married. They seem to belong together and they seem to be happy.

So all I say is.....Good Luck!!