Wednesday, July 23, 2008

August Rush Premiere In New York

The following pics were taken on the 11th of November 2007 at the premier of August Rush in New York City.

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Kerry Louise Turner said...

Jonathan clearly likes guitars and poetry so I thought he might like this pair of poems inspired by John Petrucci:-

The Guitarist:

I step on the stage
my mistress awaits
my calm is my rage
our audience anticipates.

Draped around my shoulders
I carry her with ease
My fingers tease her vocal chords
and she starts to breathe.

I press all her pedals
and stretch all her strings.
I play with my plectrum
and she starts to sing.

Distant yet close
confined yet free
I breathe and liquify
my cool is my heat

my sensation exquisite.

My fingers are fire
touch her and she burns
our heat singes you
as my attention turns.

Faster, I freeze.
Her shriek strikes my soul
I blink, c'est fini
This rock sometimes rolls.

I embrace her renewed
after our tiff
forgiven, in my heaven
my kiss heals the riff(t).

The Guitar:

I am beautiful
draped around his shoulders
supported by him
but I have no soul.

He gives me life
He is my Frankenstein
I am always available
Receptive to his touch
responsive to him.

He explores himself through me
He gives me a voice and I sing for him
He made me this way, hyper sensitive
one false move
and I must punish him
I can do no other.

I cannot forgive him
but I bear no grudges
I am always the same
his battle is with himself
his shame.

He can't sweet talk me
I respond to his feel
With me he gives himself away
I help him heal.

Together, we are more
you like, you adore
after, encore
I am left on a stand.
I lose his touch
we hear your hands.