Friday, April 18, 2008

Jonathan Is Well-Endowed!!

As the history books state King Henry VIII, King Of England, became extremely fond of large codpieces ( a decorative covers for a man's bits and pieces) But obviously Jonathan really didn't need one to show off his masculinity!

I never wore a codpiece, love. Henry was famous for wearing extravagant metal ones. We really didn't go that route. It could very easily have turned into 'Ye Olde Spinal Tap.

I can most definitely say the Jonathan Rhys Meyers has made
history sexy. According to the pictures that have been painted of
Henry VIII, he was a very fat, ugly man with ginger hair unlike Jonathan who is sexy with brown hair and the most gorgeous blue eyes that would melt you.


eunice said...

you're the best...^o^

Bleed.Inside said...

well, it is said that king Henry VIII used to be very handsome when he was younger (but not as good-looking as JRM of course :D)
so I suppose they'll have to make Jonathan look fat and ugly when he'd have to portrayal the old Henry VII... yukkk